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Roosters in the Surf

Mike Reiser shares his newly discovered fly fishing techniques in hooking and landing roosterfish in the surf on Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio. Consider this the advance course in stalking roosterfish that you won't find anywhere els

Stalking Roosterfish on Baja's East Cape

Always innovative, Mike Rieser has developed tactics and fly patterns effective on a wide variety of species that swim the Sea of Cortez. On this Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio show we focus on one of his favorites the roosterfish. Learn Mike's secrets on fly fishing for this challenging fish.

Magdalena Bay: Baja's Hidden Secret

On this Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio show Mike Rieser, a well know guide in Mexico, takes us on a tour of Magdelena Bay in Baja and its hundreds of miles of mangrove channels, pristine beaches and fabled Thetis Banks. Snook, corvina, spotted bass, cabrilla, golden trevally, grouper, pargo, bonefish, roosterfish, yellow tail, skip jack, dorado, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, billfish and more all await your cast. Join us t find out about the best way to take part in this exciting and remote fishery.

The Baja Flyfishing Co. LLC offers a variety of guided fly fishing, spin fishing and light tackle off shore packages as well as guided beach and kayak fishing.


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