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Fly Fishing the Baja and Beyond takes the reader from the fabled Sea of Cortez to the Pacific waters of Panama. Along the way, author Mike Rieser shares his years of fishing and guiding experience on the subjects of tackle, rigging, flies and most significantly a unique tactical approach to catching roosterfish, dorado, marlin, tuna and a host other species.

Mike is a long time student of fish feeding behavior and in the pages of this book relates his observations to not only the how, but the why of catching salt water species on fly. Fly Fishing the Baja and Beyond is a must read for both the experienced and beginning salt water fly fisher.

Mike's home waters are the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean surrounding the Baja Peninsula, but his experience ranges from Coastal California to Panama.

FLY FISHING: THE BAJA AND BEYOND is applicable well beyond the Baja and is a valuable learning tool for fly fishers where ever they find dorado, billfish, roosters, and the other species covered in this book. This book is not just a 'how to' manual, but out lines an entirely new approach to catching fish on the fly.

A list of chapters follows:

Chapter One – Origins: Climbing onboard the learning curve.

Chapter Two - The Gear: So what's in your wallet?

Chapter Three – Leaders and Knots: Getting connected.

Chapter Four – Flies for All Occasions: Matching the hatch.

Chapter five – Getting Hooked Up: Presentation, presentation, presentation, or how to be a better stripper.

Chapter Six – After the Hook Up: Keeping them on without busting your tackle or your knuckles.

Chapter Seven – Roosterfish: Baja's rock star and greatest challenge.

Chapter Eight - Jacks: A roosterfish cousin from a family of bruisers.

Chapter Nine – Dorado: Everybody's favorite.

Chapter Ten – Tuna: Can you say sashimi?

Chapter Eleven – Billfish: Teamwork in teasing.

Chapter Twelve - Conclusion: Putting it all together

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