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I’ve fished all over the world and Mike is one of the best guides I’ve ever had. Mike’s experience and knowledge of fly fishing the East Cape is unmatched. If you want to fly fish from the beach or from a boat, contact Mike at Baja Flyfishing Company. Mike freely shared his knowledge on everything including fly patterns, leaders, knots, and technique. I learned a lot that I can use back home. Mike literally wrote the book on fly fishing the East Cape. Buy it, read it, then book Mike for a trip. I found Mike’s webpage and contacted him by email for general information prior to arriving in Los Barriles. He promptly answered my questions. Two hours later we had exchanged several emails and I was tying the flies he suggested. While in the Baja, my wife had a minor health issue. I contacted Mike for advice and he quickly arranged for the resources we needed. I arrived in Los Barriles as a client and left as a friend.

James R. Terborg, PhD Professor of Management Emeritus Lundquist College of Business University of Oregon


Just a follow-up to tell you that Nick and I had a great time at Punta Colorado. We enjoyed everything including the dinner conversation. Fishing on the last afternoon was an exciting grand finale with back-to-back marlin. When Nick and I fished for marlin elsewhere a few years ago we were in 50-60 foot boats using stout rods with Penn 80's and larger. Our line and leader on those trips were also pretty heavy stuff. I know that there are light line specialists but I hadn't planned on being one just yet. Lots of fun and cheers for the mosca viva. Cheers also for Merry, who is a fine coach and guide and for our skippers, Tico and Carlos (an impressive young man). And our compliments to you for running a good show. Many thanks and hasta luego,

Al Volkman


I'm not a fishing guide, just a fishing fool. I do know most of the top-notch rooster guides on the coast as we all fish the same beaches and most of those folks have been very generous with their knowledge of these fish with us. Probably the top two guides in the area are Mike Rieser and Merry Waugh. They operate out of Punta Colorado-Baja Flyfishing Company. Mike and Merry use only the flies that they personally tie and Mike is a legendary fly tier. His rooster patterns are the best I've seen and Merry's flies, often inspired by Mike's, are real effective and beautiful as well. Mike is a longtime fishing guide in the East Cape and probably would not like me to call him the elder statesman of the bunch but he is certainly the most knowledgeable and experienced of all the East Cape guides. They also have an amazing arsenal of top notch fly fishing rods, reels, lines that they keep in excellent condition-certainly the best gear on the East Cape-they are true pros. Perhaps the best thing I can say about those two is they are really fun to fish with.

Steve Herter


Hola Mike, Just a quick note to let you how much we appreciated your time with us. The whole group had a blast and is already talking about a return. I left your float with Tomas at the front desk and he assured me that it would find it's way to you. As soon as we can we will be scheduling the next trip and will certainly let you handle it for us. Thanks again Mike and the best to Merry.

Tom Stock


Just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous time fishing. We learned a lot especially me with your knowledge of fishing. We went snorkeling down at the park and saw many pretty fish. Thanks for the tip. Take care and thanks again for a great time. Please say hello to Bode for me!

Shelley and Mark Shepherd


Merry, I flew back to Japan on April 9rd. Thank you so much for your kindness during my stay in Baja. When I close my eyes, I can see scenes and your smile in my mind. You are excellent as a professional guide and human being. Till we meet again.



Thank you for everything during our staying there. We had a lot of fun. We will be back next year.


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