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Welcome to Baja Flyfishing Co. We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. We know how special your vacation time is and it is important to us that we fulfill your hopes and expectations. We are not a cookie cutter, “one size fits all” type guide service, but fully endeavor to create and facilitate a unique experience for each individual and group. A fishing vacation can be many things besides fishing and we enjoy including other activities on fishing days such as snorkeling or whale watching. We are students of the history of the Baja, both natural and human and can incorporate excursions into the mountains to look for fossils, Native American rock art or enjoy the waterfalls of Canyon del Zorro.

Your Baja Flyfishing Co. hosts are veteran fly fishing guides with over 40 years of experience fly fishing saltwater, including trips to the Baja since 1974. In addition, we are avid fly tiers, having created many of the unique fly patterns used on the Baja today. We have taught numerous classes/seminars on various aspects of fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying. We have appeared on television, in magazines and have published a very successful book on fly fishing the Baja. With that being said, we remain, first and foremost fishing guides dedicated to fulfilling your vacation dreams. And just so there is no mistake, we derive as much pleasure helping a novice improve as we do fishing with a pro. From the casual to the hard core we can match your expectations with our experience and coaching.

A vacation with the Baja Flyfishing Co. LLC is more than a fishing trip, it's a full on Baja experience that you will remember forever. In fact many of our clients return year after year. We know the Baja after 40 years of traveling its back roads, kayaking its shore line, surfing and snorkeling while pioneering the fly fishing techniques that have evolved into the tactics used today. We are well versed in fly fishing the beach, in kayaks, on pangas and are versatile in all tackle types. Join us in pursuit of Roosterfish, Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Jack Crevalle, yellow fin, skipjack and many other species. We are passionate about where we live, what we do, and truly enjoy sharing our years of experiences with you our guests, both on and off the water. Please enjoy the rest of our site and look for our weekly Baja fishing reports here and on facebook. We think you will find our posts informative, interesting and quite often, entertaining. And by all means if you have questions email us at or give us a call at (719) 776 - 9341.